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Remote Access to Law Library Services

This guide provides information on library services provided to the USC Gould community during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Course Reserves: Fall 2021

Here are the course reserve titles available in print.

These items are located at the library service counter.

Print Course Reserves: Fall 2021

Here is a list of print casebooks and course supplements organized by course number, course name, course instructor, and title of the book.

Please note that these materials are 2-hour checkouts and cannot leave the library. Print materials are located at the circulation desk. To access, please bring your USC ID Card and be prepared to answer the name of the instructor and course number/name.

Law 502 (Procedure I - Craig): Civil Procedure 6th ed. 

Law 502 (Procedure I - Rich, S.): Civil Procedure 11th ed., Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 2021-2022 ed., Civil Procedure 4th ed. 

Law 503 (Contracts - Chasalow): Basic Contract Law 10th ed., Contract Law: Selected Source Materials Annotated 2020 ed.

Law 503 (Contracts - Chung): Contracts: Transactions and Litigation, 4th ed.; Contracts: Transactions and Litigation, 5th ed.(on order)

Law 503 (Contracts - Jimenez): Contracts 8th ed.

Law 503 (Contracts - Rasmussen): Contracts: Cases and Comment, 11th ed., Contracts Text: Restatement 2d contracts & U.S. UCC Article 2 & the CISG, 6th ed.

Law 509 (Torts I - Keating): Tort & Accident Law, 4th.

Law 520 (Introduction to U.S. Legal System - Webster): Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States

Law 532 (Constitutional Law: Rights - Brown/Tolson): Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies 6th ed.

Law 563 (Presentation Skills for International Lawyers - Seo): Tongue-Tied America 2nd ed.

Law 600 (Taxation - Nam): Federal Income Taxation 8th ed.

Law 603 (Business Organizations - Scotten): Business Organizations: A Transactional Perspective, Revised 3rd ed.

Law 603 (Business Organizations - Simkovic): American Colossus: The Triumph of Capitalism, 1865-1900 (on order); Business Organizations: A Transactional Approach, 3rd ed. (on order); Corporations and Other Business Associations: Selected Statutes, Rules, and Forms, 2020 ed.;

Law 607 (Gifts, Wills, and Trusts - Murphy): Gratuitous Transfer 7th ed. 

Law 614 (Accounting for Lawyers - Stern): Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making 7th ed. 

Law 635 (Employment Discrimination Law - Rich, S.): Employment Discrimination Law 10th ed., Employment Discrimination Law Statutory Supplement 8th ed.

Law 650 (Entertainment Law - Sheffield/Vranca): Hollywood Dealmaking 3rd ed.

Law 652 (Computer Crime Law - Decker): Computer Crime Law 4th ed.

Law 655 (Environmental Law - Potash): Environmental Regulation 9th ed.

Law 708 (Contract Drafting, Analysis, and Negotiation - Schwarz-Gondek/Yamaguchi): Elements of Contract Drafting 5th ed.

Law 709 (Contract Drafting and Negotiation - Curtis): Elements of Contract Drafting 5th ed.

Law 713 (International Human Rights - Renteln): International Human Rights: Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice, 6th ed. (on order); Incarceration and the Law: Cases and Materials, 10th ed.

Law 719 (Corporate Finance - Simkovic): Corporate Finance 2nd ed., Lifecycle Investing (on order)

Law 749 (Securities Regulation - Barry): Securities Regulation 5th ed., Securities Regulation Statutory Supplement 2021.

Law 763 (Federal Courts: The Federal System II - Cruz): Federal Courts & the Law of Federal-State Relations 9th ed., Federal Courts & the Law of Federal-State Relations Supplement 2021 ed., Aspen Treatise for Federal Jurisdiction 8th ed. 

Law 771 (Intellectual Property and Technology Law Clinic I - Pearlman): Clearance & Copyright 4th ed., Introduction to Transactional Lawyering Practice.

Law 811 (Health Law and Policy - Shah): Health Law 8th ed.

Law 821 (Trial Advocacy - Bachner/Kerlin): Materials in Trial Advocacy 9th ed.

Law 845 (Negotiation Skills - Ray): Bargaining for Advantage, Beyond Winning

Law 860 (International Criminal Law - Garry): International Criminal Law and Its Enforcement 4th ed.

Law 871 (First Amendment - Rich, C.): The First Amendment 6th ed.

LAW 873 (Judicial Opinion Writing - Haddad): The Elements of Legal Style, 2nd ed

LAW 873 (Judicial Opinion Writing - Haddad): Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises, 2nd ed. (on order)

LAW 873 (Judicial Opinion Writing - Haddad): On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, 30th ed. (on order)

Law 877 (Free Speech Theory Seminar - Miller): Free Speech: A Philosophical Enquiry, Freedom of Speech in the History of Ideas.