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Studying for the Bar

Bar Exam Game Plan

  • CREATE A SCHEDULE • set priorities / organize your time avoid social commitments
  • FACE THE TASK • stay focused / do not freak out / do not cram / minimize distractions / avoid multitasking / focus on one thing at a time/ stay determined
  • MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF • take regular breaks between tasks / decompress / stay positive and motivated / be yourself / reward yourself
  • REST • get plenty of sleep and rest / have a sleep routine / relax / do not sit for long periods of time
  • STAY HEALTHY • exercise / eat healthy snacks / avoid heavy meals / keep hydrated and drink lots of water / do something fun
  • USE flashcards / study sheets / outlines / charts / diagrams 
  • WHEN STUDYING determine weaknesses and strengths / practice old exams / take many tests / review essays and multiple choice questions / brush up on all topics / attend Bar Review classes /  make educated guesses / memorize / â€‹choose music over television

Consider the "pomodoro method" to help you focus. 

Pomodoro Technique