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Studying for the Bar

Physical Space

How to create a study space

Even though the Law Library is not open, you can create a study space to make the most of your surroundings. 

If you usually study in the library, a coffee shop, or other public space, ask yourself what kind of environment helps you study. Try recreating that space at home. Maybe study in a chair rather than the couch or bed, or move to a new spot when you change tasks. Here are more tips:

  • Find the right study area

  • Organize your space

    • Design a space that will make you focus and be productive. It will minimize distractions and help you focus.

    • Remove distractions like phone, iPad, and television.

  • Try some of these study apps and browser extensions to help block distracting websites.‚Äč

  • If you need background noise, consider using a white noise app or check out the Ambient Noise section of this guide.

Please note those living outside of California should check their state and local news/websites for reopening information and use of public spaces such as libraries or coffee shops.