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USC Law Library Information

How to Reserve a Study Room

Unless you are the only person in the room and the door is closed, everyone in the room must wear a mask correctly at all times. No food is allowed, even for individuals in a room alone.

Here are the steps to reserve a study room:

  1. Log-in to the Law Portal.
  2. Under the My Applications column, scroll down to Study Room Reservations
  3. Click on Study Room Reservations, not Room Reservations.
  4. Double click on the room you would like to reserve.
  5. Enter the reservation information
  6. Enter the contact information. (It will require the email of another current Gould law student)

Study Room Rules



  • For special requests, such as Skype interviews or TA office hours, please contact the library's Circulation Department.

  • If the room you reserved is locked, please ask for assistance at the library's Service Counter.

  • No food or drinks are allowed anywhere in the library, including study rooms.

  • Only groups of at least two current USC Gould students may reserve study rooms.

  • Each group may reserve up to three hours per day.

  • No student may have more than two reservations per day.

  • Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance.

  • Individuals may not reserve a room, although they may use an unoccupied room until a group needs it.

  • A reserved room will be held for fifteen minutes past the start time. After fifteen minutes, the reservation is subject to cancelation, and a new group may reserve the room.

  • Groups or any members thereof that have already had a room for three hours may not reserve more time. They may use unoccupied rooms on a first-come, first-served basis, however, until a new group needs the room. Any group occupying a room for three or more consecutive hours must relinquish the room to another group, even another repeat group.

  • When individuals or repeat groups are using a room, this information will not appear on the schedule, so a new group may reserve the room at any time.

  • All study rooms close fifteen minutes before the library closes.  If a conflict exists between a reservation and this policy, this policy takes priority.

  • For questions, or to cancel a reservation, please click "View My Reservations" on the USC Gould Study Room Reservations page. To change a reservation, please email the library at