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Mental Health Law

Guide to assist with Mental Health legal research

Practice Guides & Treatises

A treatise is an extended, usually exhaustive book on a subject.  You may consult treatises at any stage in your research.

Mental Disability Law: Civil and Criminal. Matthew Bender & Company (Lexis)

This comprehensive treatise covers multiple legal issues concerning individuals with mental illness. It contains practical checklists, commentary, case tables, and citations to secondary sources.

Psychiatry in the Everyday Practice of Law. Clark Boardman Callaghan (Westlaw)

A lawyer’s manual that includes topics such as diagnoses and treatments, forensic issues, expert witnesses, criminal trials, and psychiatric malpractice.

Treatise on Health Care Law: Chapter 20 Mental Health Law. Mathew Bender & Company (Lexis)

This treatise explores the entire spectrum of legal issues affecting health care law practice, including privacy, consent, and mental health law.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Operations Manual. (Lexis)

Chapter 9 of this administrative agency manual covers mental health services provided in correctional facilities.

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