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Finding California Primary Law


The official regulatory code in California is called the California Code of Regulations (C.C.R.) (formerly called the California Administrative Code). The C.C.R. is divided into 28 numbered titles, each of which covers a broad subject area (e.g., Title 5 covers education, Title 19 covers public safety). Each title is further divided by administrative agency and subdivided by topic and eventually broken down into individually numbered sections. A citation to a C.C.R. section includes the title number and section number.

  • For example, the citation 22 C.C.R. § 98000 refers to Section 98000 of Title 22 of the C.C.R.

The C.C.R. is available on LexisNexis Academic. Select "Advanced Search," then "Legal" to select Administrative Codes and Regulations. Under Source, search for and select CA - Barclays Official California Code of Regulation. There is also a publicly accessible electronic version of the C.C.R.

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