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Finding California Primary Law

Using a Known Statute to Find Regulations

As noted earlier, it is usually helpful to examine the relevant statute that governs your issue before turning to the applicable regulations. One of the benefits of finding the relevant statute is that it can often help you to find the related regulations.

Sometimes, relevant C.C.R. citations are referenced in related sections of the California statutory codes. For example, using LexisNexis Academic, if you retrieve section 11138 of the California Government Code, you will find in the "Collateral References" portion of the section (below the text of the statute) a reference to related regulations (as shown below).

An additional tool you can use if you have a relevant California statutory code citation is the "Table of Statutes to Regulations" located in the "Master Index" volume at the end of the print C.C.R. set.  With this table, you can look up your statutory code citation and obtain the citation(s) to the related regulatory section(s) in the C.C.R.

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