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California Legislative History Research


If you have limited success finding relevant California legislative materials using the sources available to you at USC and/or electronically, you may wish to contact one or more of the following outside resources:

  • LA Law Library (Los Angeles County Law Library)
  • California State Archives
  • Commercial legislative history services

These resources are discussed in further detail below.

    LA Law Library

    The LA Law Library (aka Los Angeles County Law Library), located in downtown Los Angeles, is one of the largest law libraries in the country, with a great number of California government documents in its collection. If you are having difficulty locating California committee reports or hearings related to a particular bill, you may want to check the LA Law Library online catalog to see if such documents are available at this library.

    Also available at the LA Law Library is a collection of California bills going back to 1876 and a microfiche set called Assembly File Analyses, prepared by the Assembly Office of Research for both Senate and Assembly bills from 1975-2003. Each analysis in this set includes a record of what action was taken on a particular bill, a digest describing the purpose of the bill, a statement of the bill's fiscal effects, and a comments section that may include additional information on the bill's intent and effect.

    California State Archives

    The State Archives, under the authority of the California Secretary of State's Office, collects legislative materials including bills, legislative committee records, author's bill files, and related legislative files from state agencies. For a fee, the Archives will identify and photocopy materials relating to a particular bill or chapter law. Additional information about the legislative holdings of the State Archives and its services, as well as contact information, can be found on the Archives webpage.

    Commercial Legislative History Services

    There are also some private companies that will perform California legislative history research for a fee.  Three of these companies are:

    You can click on the links above to access their websites.