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California Legislative History Research

Consulting the Chapter Law

Once you have the year and chapter number of the act in which you are interested, you can look up the chapter law in Statutes and Amendments to the Codes (located at the beginning of the Library's California on the Third Floor). This statutory compilation is organized by year and chapter number.

In addition to containing the text of each chapter law, Statutes and Amendments to the Codes, contains (in the last volume for each year since 1968) a "Summary Digest," which includes summaries, produced by the Legislative Counsel, of the chapter laws. The Summary Digest will also provide the bill number for each chapter law. If you are looking at a chapter law enacted prior to 1968, you can consult the "Table of Laws Enacted" for your year (located in the first volume for that year), which lists the bill number that corresponds to each chapter number. Chapter laws enacted since 1999 can also be found online on the Bill Search page of the California Legislative Information website; you can pull up a chapter law by entering your chapter number, year, and/or one or more keywords (see below):


Finally, chapter laws enacted between 1850 and 2008 can be accessed via the California State Assembly Publications Archive (see below) .