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Intellectual Property


These resources are comprehensive treatises covering all facets of trademark law including filing a trademark application, appealing failed application, and defending an infringed mark.

Practice Materials

West's Legal Forms. Thomson West (Law Library; Lexis; Westlaw)

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d. Lawyers Cooperative Publishing (Law Library; Lexis; Westlaw)

American Jurisprudence Pleading & Practice Forms Annotated. Thomson Reuters (Westlaw)

  • These resources contain a multitude of forms related to trademark law, including trademark applications, sample trademark licensing agreements, and trademark litigation forms.

Legal Periodicals

The Trademark Reporter. International Trademark Association (Law Library; HeinOnline; Westlaw; Lexis)

  • The Trademark Reporter is the only scholarly journal that focuses specifically on trademarks. It is published six times a year.

Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society. Patent and Trademark Office Society (Law Library; HeinOnline; Westlaw; Lexis)

  • This journal is a quarterly periodical that focuses specifically on patent and trademark law and issues.
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