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Small Business Research Guide

Why use Secondary Sources?

Secondary sources are a great place to start your research on small businesses. When starting your research, consider using small business as one of your search terms.

Databases - Legal

Lexis has a wide number of business resources. Go to the Practice Guidance section of Lexis to search practice notes, checklists, and drafting tools.

Westlaw offers numerous business resources. The Practical Law section on Westlaw provides practice notes, checklists, and toolkits.

Bloomberg Law provides practical tools and guidance in its Corporate Practice Center. 

CEB OnLAW Pro has a number of practice guides on business law in the state of California.

Databases - Articles

Databases - News, Business, and Economics

The links below provide articles from business journals, trade magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals in addition to information on business conditions, trends, corporate strategies, analyst reports, and industry information. The USC Business Library has a number of other databases that may be of interest.

Business Dictionaries and Encyclopedias