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Tort Law Research Guide

Guide to assist in Torts research.

Law Journals and Reviews

Law Journals and Reviews contain scholarly articles, essays and other commentary on legal topics by law professors, judges, law students, and practitioners.  There are hundreds of law journal and review articles, though there are a few specialized journals or law reviews that concentrate only on torts.  These include:

  • TortSource (HeinOnline)
    • Highlights new and topical torts and insurance issues.  This resource is available from the ABA.
  • Journal of Tort Law (Westlaw)
    • Contains substantive documents, such as articles, that have appeared in the Journal of Tort Law.
  • Torts, Trial and Insurance Practice Law Journal (Lexis)
    • Published by the American Bar Association's Section of Tort and Insurance Practice.  The journal includes authoritative articles on legislation and developments in the area of tort and insurance practice.

Searches can be done on WestlawLexisBloomberg, or HeinOnline to research the more specific tort subjects.  There are several tools you can use to reduce the hundreds of results you will be getting when searching broad categories like torts.  Use subject filters, date ranges, and "search within" functions to narrow your searches.  You may also want to use proximity connectors (e.g., /5) or frequency connectors (e.g., atleast 5(negligence)).

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