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English Medieval Legal Documents Database

A Compilation of Published Sources from 600 to 1535

Local Courts

These included the county and borough courts, such as the Court of the Mayor of London, as well as the Quarterly Sessions of the Justices of the Peace. Local gentry were given power through special commissions issued annually. General Commissions of the Peace for the whole country were established by statute in 1327. The county court consisted of a court for civil pleas whose proceedings were enrolled by the sheriff, and a court of pleas of the crown, whose proceedings were enrolled both by the sheriffs and the coroners.

The records of these courts are patchy. Some cases from the county court were taken up by the courts at Westminster and as a result, transcriptions from some county court records were also entered into the curia regis rolls.

Local Court Court Records

Local Court Other Case Reporters

Local Court Calendars, Registers, and Indexes of Cases

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