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Finding Federal Statutes, Regulations, and Related Cases

Using LexisNexis Academic

If you have a citation to a C.F.R. section, you can go right to the text of that section in any one of the versions of the C.F.R. If you are using Nexis Uni, you can enter your citation as you would enter a statutory citation. For example, if you are looking for 29 C.F.R. § 35.10, you can enter 29 C.F.R. § 35.10  in the search function and also select "Statutes and Legislations" from the drop down menu on the left of the search bar. 

Alternatively, you can search for C.F.R. and click on the link that says "CFR - Code of Federal Regulations."  This will restrict all searches to the CFR and you can populate the search bar with "29 cfr 35.10" to get the text of the statute. Find images of the steps below. 


Using E-CFR

Using the e-CFR Simple Search, you can limit your full-text search by title number. Additional search options are available under Advanced Search.

Using FDSys

To find a regulation by citation on the GovInfo CFR Page, first select the year of the CFR edition you are interested in viewing. Then click the "+" sign on the left of the needed year and title number. Drill down using the "+" left of the text until you reach the desired statute, as shown in the screen shot below.  (Keep in mind that since C.F.R. titles are updated on a staggered basis, the most recent edition of the C.F.R. may not yet include the title you need.) 

Click on the appropriate link to download a PDF or XML version of the C.F.R. page(s) containing the regulation you are seeking.