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Researching Judges and Attorneys

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Attorney Profiles


Also consider a general news search for the attorney or firm of interest. Both Lexis and Westlaw allow the researcher to filter search results to news.


Westlaw (fields) and Lexis (segments) allow the researcher to search case law specifically by attorney or firm name. On Westlaw, use the Advanced Search option after pre-selecting Cases. Then type the attorney or firm's name in the Attorney field. Or, use the appropriate connector (AT). For example, if searching for John Smith, type AT("john smith") into the search box. You can use the same connector on Lexis:  ATTORNEY("john smith").

Lexis Litigation Profile Suite

The Litigation Profile Suite allows the researcher to examine attorneys (and judges and expert witnesses). Access by selecting the Litigation Profile suite from the upper-left drop down menu on Lexis.

Select Attorney and the enter the name of the attorney in the search box.

Basic biographical information is provided. The Litigation Profile Suite also provides graphical charts related the attorney's practice history. Here's an example:

Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics

Bloomberg's Litigation Analytics allows you to research law firms. Select Litigation & Dockets and then Litigation Analytics. Here's an example:

Westlaw Litigation Analytics

Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics allows you to research attorneys and law firms. Select Litigation Analytics from Specialty Areas under Content Types. Then select Litigation Analytics and then Attorneys or Law Firms from the drop down menu. Type in the name of the attorney or law firm you'd like to research. 


Information provided includes practice areas, courts, motions, and more. Here's an example: