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Technology Skills for Law Students: Legal Practice Tech Tools

Learn about the tech skills you need to practice law and methods for improving your own skills.


Lawyers use a lot of the same software that most businesses use. So, you'll see some familiar names below. However, lawyers must use the full capabilities of the software, which most law students haven't developed skills in yet. Also, keep in mind that most lawyers work in PC-environments, instead of Mac. Students who are used to their Macs will need to understand how to operate in a PC-environment, and how to do it well.

Document Preparation

Document preparation involves basic word processing, but also the ability to work with templates, track and accept changes, provide comments, understand metadata in documents, share documents, and utilizing document analyzers. Here are some places to get started:


Operations means being able to work with document management systems, cloud storage, e-rooms, file-sharing and time and billing software.

Communications and Collaboration

Communication within your organization and with your clients is vital. Make sure you can fully utilize email, messaging, chat, phone and video conferencing software.

Litigation Practice

Litigation practice includes using online legal research databases, e-filing, eDiscovery software, video and remote depositions, and evidence presentation equipment and software. Many legal research databases offer a law school page with resources, including tutorials and certificate programs, specific to law students.

When using new research databases, use the Help section of the database to access best practices.

Data and Reports

Lawyers also need to be able to understand data and financial reports, create and edit spreadsheets, including using formulas within those spreadsheets and developing graphs and other visuals from them.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used in legal research for years. Both Lexis and Westlaw utilize AI in their search algorithms. Plus, software such as ChatGPT and Bard are revolutionizing search engines. Lawyers need to be aware of best practices for using AI in their practice.

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