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Technology Skills for Law Students: Data Security

Learn about the tech skills you need to practice law and methods for improving your own skills.


The last thing an attorney needs is for there to be a breach in their security that leads to confidential client information being accessed. This page provides some security skills you should develop.

Data Storage

Attorneys need tech skills that allow them to understand different options for storing data, locally and in the cloud, and backing up that data.

Securing Data

Attorneys must protect client information. Therefore, securing data, both in transit (secure file transfer/sharing and protecting attorney-client communications) and at rest (server storage, cloud storage, copies held by service providers and experts), is a must-have tech skill for the legal practitioner.

Remote Working

Lawyers must be prepared to work in a variety of locations, utilizing remote working options. That means updating privacy and security settings and fully utilizing all the tools in video conferencing applications.

Minimize Threats

Part of securing data is minimizing threats. Attorneys do this by using strong, unique passwords, being able to recognize phising emails, using only secured wifi, and enabling autolock on devices after a short period of inactivity.

Security Policies and Procedures

It is not enough to learn these skills. Lawyers must also continually stay current and up-to-date on their tech skills and new technological innovations in the legal industry.

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