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LibKey Nomad Research Browser Extension

What It Is

While researching on the internet, have you ever wished you could just click on that perfect article and go directly to the full text, even for materials behind a pay wall? Then this resource is for you!

LibKey Nomad is a free Chrome browser extension that automatically searches web pages as you read them and lets you know which materials USC already has access to. When you see an article with the LibKey symbol, just click to go directly to the full text. If you were reading the footnotes below, you could click any of the buttons that say "Article link," "Download PDF," or "Access Options" to go directly to the materials via USC's VPN login screen.

How to Get It

Download it for free from the Chrome Web Store, set USC as your home library as shown below, and that's it! You're all set!

LibKey Nomad USC selection

Need More Information?

Concerned about having this extension search every page you view? You can control which pages it searches by changing the settings. For even more info, check out this handy user guide.

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