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How to Confirm That Your Case Is Good Law


Generally, citators are only available as part of commercial online services, i.e., those that restrict access to users who have paid a fee or entered a subscription. FindLaw's California Case Law page, on the other hand, is freely accessible and includes a citator service for California state court opinions (allowing you to find California court opinions that cite other California court opinions). To use the citator feature on this site, choose the "Advanced Search" option and enter your citation using the "Cite Check" template. For example, in the screen shot below the citation for In re Marriage Cases, 43 Cal. 4th 757 (2008) has been entered.  By clicking "Get It," you can retrieve a list of cases that cite In re Marriage Cases. You can view the full text of any of the citing cases on the list, though you must be registered with FindLaw in order to do so.

Unlike Shepard's Citations , the FindLaw citator service does not give you an indication of how the citing California cases relate to, or treat, the case in which you are interested. This means that you may have to read or browse through a larger number of citing cases to determine the status of your case.

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