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How to Confirm That Your Case Is Good Law

Google Scholar

Google Scholar also is a freely accessible website that includes a citator service for state and federal court opinions.  To use this service, find the case you want to check by searching for the name or citation in Google Scholar.  From the search results page, click on the “Cited by [number of citations]” link for your case.  In the example below, the Paternostro case has been "Cited by 208" cases.

As with FindLaw, you will then retrieve a list of cases that cite your case. You can view the full text of any of the citing cases on your list.  Google Scholar indicates the depth of discussion of your original case by the citing cases. However, unlike Shepard's Citations discussed previously, Google Scholar does not give you signals as to how the citing cases relate to, or treat, the case in which you are interested.  Also, your results will not include cases citing your case if those cases are not available on Google Scholar.  Since Google Scholar does not provide information about which cases its service includes, your results may not be as comprehensive as your results from Shepard's Citations.

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