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Foreign Law Research

USC Libraries' Catalogs

Catalogs are useful for finding books, book chapters, and journals, both in print and online.  They are not, however, useful for finding journal articles.  For journal articles, you need to search a periodical index or full-text database of journal articles.    

Both the Law Library and the main USC library system (USC Libraries) collect books and other resources related to international criminal law. We recommend searching both ADVOCAT (the Law Library’s catalog) and HOMER (the USC Libraries’ catalog) to locate resources available to you on campus. HELIX, the catalog for USC’s Medical and Dental libraries is an option as well if the issue you are researching is health related.

USC Libraries' Print Collection on International Law Topics

Most of the USC Law Library's books on foreign and international topics are located on the third floor

Most of the USC Libraries’ books on international criminal law are located in the Von KleinSmid Center Library for International and Public Affairs (VKC), with smaller, but still significant, holdings at the Doheny Library.   

USC Digital Accessibility