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Tort Law Research Guide

Guide to assist in Torts research.


A treatise is an extended, usually exhaustive book on a subject.  You may consult treatises at any stage in your research.

Torts.  Epstein, Richard Allen (Print).

  • Accessible book that discusses all the typical topics covered in a law school torts course.

The Torts Process.  Henderson, James A., et al. (Print).

  • An introduction to the tort process that covers all forms of damages and torts.

Torts: The Civil Law of Reparation for Harm Done by Wrongful Act.  Little, Joseph W., (Print).

  • An introductory torts book covering a variety of torts.

The Law of Torts.  Osborne, Philip (Print).

  • A concise and accessible introduction to the essential principles of tort law.

The Law of Torts:  Examples and Explanations.  Glannon, Joseph (Print).

  • Clear introductions to the general principles in torts, followed by examples similar to those used in law school torts class.

Summary of California Law, Chapter 9:  Torts. Witkin, Bernard (Print, WestlawLexis).

  • Provides a very in-depth analysis of all of California law. Chapter 9 covers torts.

California Civil Practice - Torts (Westlaw).

  • Valuable guidance on how to litigate tort cases in California.

California Torts (Lexis).

  • Regularly updated publication that covers current torts developments along with general practice in torts areas.
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