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Tort Law Research Guide

Guide to assist in Torts research.

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Written by

Ashot Hovhannisyan

USC Law Library - Research Assistant

Bar Resources

Bar associations are bodies of lawyers.  They are divided into national, state, and local associations.  These associations are divided into mandatory and voluntary.  State associations can be mandatory, depending on the state.  These associations usually serve similar goals of bettering both the legal profession and society along with other objectives.

  • ABA
    • A national bar association.  Its goals are to serve the members of the voluntary association, improve the legal profession, eradicate bias, and advance the rule of law.
    • Provides a variety of Public Resources, such as general legal help, consumer issues, and court information.
  • CAL Bar Association
    • The state bar licenses and regulates the conduct of more than a quarter million attorneys.  It promotes access to justice and diversity in the legal profession.
    • For the Public, it provides guidance on how to find a lawyer and free legal guides.
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
    • A local bar association that helps both its community and members.  It is one of the largest voluntary associations in the country.
    • Provides Legal Help, such as lawyer referral service, attorney-client mediation, and small claims.