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Tort Law Research Guide

Guide to assist in Torts research.

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Written by

Ashot Hovhannisyan

USC Law Library - Research Assistant

Additional Online Resources

Most of the resources provided within this guide, such as Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg, require a paid subscription to access.  However, there are many free resources that could be found online, such as blogs.  These can be useful, as they might contain a specific subject not covered in another resource, but also provide material for interesting discussion or further research.  Some blogs are listed below.

  • Bernabe Torts 

    • A blog by Prof. Alberto Bernabe of the John Marshall School of Law.

  • Day on Torts

    • ‚ÄčA Tennessee blog by the Law Offices of John Day.

  • Torts Professors

    • A blog by Prof. Christopher J. Robinette of Widener Commonwealth Law School.