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Tort Law Research Guide

Guide to assist in Torts research.

Practice Guides

Practice guides are written explanations of how to proceed in a particular area of law or a particular court or locality.  Their main purpose is to help attorneys practice the law.  Practice guides are "how to" in nature, containing tips, checklists, and sometimes sample pleadings and other forms.  Practice guides discuss important procedures that need to be followed, and also set forth the underlying substantive law.

  • Personal Injury (Rutter Guide).  (Westlaw)
    • Comprehensive step-by-step resource for personal injury in California.
  • California Law Motion & Authorities (Rutter Guide).  (Westlaw)
    • Comprehensive reference to hundreds of essential California civil motions.
  • California Torts Practice Guide. (Lexis)
    • Regularly updated publication that covers current torts developments along with general practice in torts areas.
  • Damages in Tort Actions. (Lexis)
    • Offers in-depth legal and policy analysis of compensatory and punitive damage in personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases.
  • Product Liability Practice Guide. (Lexis)
    • Provides an unparalleled collection of winning strategies and tactics for an entire range of products, including a step-by-step through each phase of the case.
  • California Product Liability Actions. (Lexis)
    • Covers California products liability law, giving you a step-by-step guidance through every stage of the case.
  • California Tort Damages.  (CEB OnLAW)
    • Concentrates on injuries from which damages can be recovered.
  • California Tort Guide.  (CEB OnLAW)
    • Illustrates the principles of tort liability and the defenses applied to resolve the majority of suits.
  • California Uninsured Motorist Practice.  (CEB OnLAW)
    • Designed to provide assistance to attorneys representing insured motorists against uninsured ones.
  • California Automobile Insurance Law Guide.  (CEB OnLAW)
    • Practice guide concentrated on structure and function of automobile insurance.
  • California Government Tort Liability Practice.  (CEB OnLAW)
    • Practice guide to assist suits where the government is a party.
  • California Personal Injury Proof.  (CEB OnLAW)
    • Practical guide to making effective evidentiary presentations to prove personal injuries.
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