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USC Law Library Information

Printing in the law school

Printers are available in the lobby of the law school (1 printer), inside the Law Library's Campbell Lounge (2 printers), and in the basement's Law Cafe (2 printers).

Black and white copies cost $0.10 per page. Color copies cost $0.45 per page.

Create a Wepa account to transfer funds and select documents for printing.

Google Drive, Office 365, Box, DropBox, or OneDrive
1. Login to any Wepa print station with your USC Card
2. Select your cloud service
3. Select document
4. Print

Simple one-time download at
Once you've installed the printer driver, follow these easy steps:

1. Open document on your laptop
2. Choose 'File>Print'
3. Click Print
4. Visit any Wepa print station to release your documents