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Borrowing Books via Interlibrary Loan

USC Law Library Interlibrary Loan Information and Policies*

*The Law Library provides interlibrary loan services to current Gould faculty, staff, and law students. All non-Gould students and non-Gould faculty and staff may request interlibrary loan materials through the USC Libraries.

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan (“ILL”) is a system with which the library can borrow items from other universities to provide Gould patrons with research materials that USC does not own.

What kinds of things can you borrow?

The library can borrow things like books (except textbooks and other course-related materials), journal and newspaper articles, book chapters, dissertations, government documents, and other items.

  • We do not borrow textbooks or other course-related materials.

How do I submit an ILL request?

  • Email all requests to In the email subject line, provide the following:
    • Law journal staff: Specify the journal and name of the journal collection-e.g., LR/Stevens, ILJ/Miller, RLSJ/Krueger.
    • Faculty RA's: Provide the faculty member’s name–e.g. ILL Gross.
    • Everyone else: State the reason you need the item–e.g., personal research.
  • In the text of the email, provide the complete citation for each requested item, including: full title, author’s name(s), and publication date. For books, also provide the edition number. For articles, include the name of the journal, issue and volume number, and page numbers. For book chapters, provide the chapter title and author (if different from the book author or editor).
  • For all requests, please do not include 'needed by' dates. Request all materials as soon as possible.

How long will it take?

Delivery time varies depending on the item. It can take from two days for some digital materials to several weeks for physical, rare, or difficult-to-obtain items. Please submit your request as early as possible.

How much does it cost?

The library incurs costs with every interlibrary loan transaction, but we provide this service to members of Gould for free. Due to budgetary constraints, however, we will not re-borrow the same item, once that item has been returned. Journal staff should plan to use ILL books as soon as possible after they arrive to avoid problems.

How will I hear from you?

We will email you.

  • Law journal staff: When an ILL request is (or cannot be) filled, we email the requestor and cc the managing editor. If a requestor does not respond within one week of receiving an email notice or question from us, we forward the inquiry to the managing editor.

How do I get my item, once it arrives?

  • Electronic materials: We email a PDF to the requestor.
  • Print materials:
    • Faculty and staff: We deliver books to your office, or to the law school mail room.
    • Law journal staff: Pick up the item at the library Service Counter and store it in your journal office. Return it to the library by the due date.

How long can I keep my item?

This varies depending on the lender's due date; lending periods often range from two to four weeks, but they can be shorter or longer.

  • Items may be subject to immediate recall by the lender, meaning that the original due date is canceled, and we must return the book immediately. For journal materials, we may retrieve the item from the journal office if we are unable to communicate with journal staff in a timely manner.
  • Sometimes items can be renewed if the lender allows.

How do I contact you?

Interlibrary Loan
Asa v. Call Law Library
Gould School of Law
University of Southern California
699 Exposition Boulevard, LAW 203
Los Angeles, California 90089-0072

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