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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Administrative Law

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Administrative Law


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher



U.S. Federal (primarily)      
Administrative Law and Practice (Westlaw)
Charles H. Koch and Richard Murphy
Thomson Reuters
Some U.S. state law 
Administrative Law (Lexis)
Jacob A. Stein et al. 
Matthew Bender & Co.
Emphasis on federal agencies
Administrative Law:  Practice and Procedure (Westlaw)
Lee Modjeska
Thomson Reuters
Emphasis on current issues
Administrative Rulemaking (Westlaw)
James T. O'Reilly
Thomson Reuters
Focuses on the federal rulemaking process and challenging federal rules/regulations
West's Federal Administrative Practice (Westlaw)
Steven W. Feldman et al.
Thomson Reuters
Focuses on specific agencies & practice areas
Administrative Law Michael Asimow and Michael Strumwasser The Rutter Group  
 Administrative Law (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw)
Michael Asimow, Michael J. Strumwasser, Herbert F. Bolz and Laurine E. Tuleja
The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters
Getting the Deal Through: Government Investigations (Lexis)
David M. Zornow and Jocelyn E. Strauber
Law Business Research Ltd.
10 foreign countries and the U.S.


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