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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Bankruptcy

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw



Title   Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher Coverage
U.S. Federal - General  
Collier on Bankruptcy (Lexis)   Richard Levin & Henry J. Sommer Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal law including the Investor Protection Act of 1970  and Bankruptcy Code sections 101 through 1532
Ginsberg and Martin on Bankruptcy (Westlaw)
Robert E. Ginsberg, Robert D. Martin, and Susan V. Kelley
Wolters Kluwer
Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice (Westlaw)
William L. Norton Jr. and William L. Norton, III
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy Law Manual (Westlaw)
Nancy C. Dreher et al.
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy Law Fundamentals (Westlaw)
Richard I. Aaron
Thomson Reuters
Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide (Lexis)   Richard Levin & Henry J. Sommer Matthew Bender & Co. Accompanies Collier on Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Desk Guide (Westlaw)
Publisher's Editorial Staff
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy Service, Lawyers Edition (Westlaw)
Publisher's Editorial Staff
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy Practice Handbook (Westlaw)
Rosemary E. Williams
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy Code Manual (Westlaw)
Michael J. Holleran, Donna Larsen Holleran, and John B. Corr
Thomson Reuters
Practice Guide: Bankruptcy (National Edition) (Westlaw)
Judith K. Fitzgerald and Mary F. Walrath
Thomson Reuters (The Rutter Group)
Creditor's Rights in Bankruptcy (Westlaw)   Eric E. Sagerman, Patrick A. Murphy and David Neier Thomson Reuters  
California Practice Guide:  Bankruptcy (Westlaw)
Kathleen P. March, Alan M. Ahart, and Janet A. Shapiro
Thomson Reuters (The Rutter Group)
Emphasis on bankruptcy cases and rules from the 9th Circuit and California district courts
Bankruptcy Practice for the General Practitioner (Westlaw)
W. Homer Drake, Jr. and Karen D. Visser
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy in Practice (Westlaw)
Michael L. Bernstein and George W. Kuney
American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)
Norton Creditors' Rights Handbook (Westlaw)   William L. Norton III and Roger G. Jones Thomson Reuters Part III focuses on the debtor in bankruptcy
Ginsberg and Martin on Bankruptcy (VitalLaw)   Robert E. Ginsberg et al. CCH Inc  
Bloomberg Law:  Bankruptcy Treatise (Bloomberg)   Samir D. Parikh et al. The Buraeu of National Affairs General treatise that also discusses niche topics such as Municipality Debts, Family Farms, Cross-border cases, and administrative rules.
Business Bankruptcy Essentials (Bloomberg)   Stan Bernstein Susan and Seabury Jack Williams Bankruptcy in General guide to business bankruptcy issues
Reorganizing Failing Businesses (Bloomberg)   Karen M. Gebbia ABA Business Law Section Guide to the reoganizing process
Survival Guide for the New Lawyer: What They Didn't Teach You in Law School (Bloomberg)   Craig T. Lutterbein and Kevin M. Baum American Bankruptcy Institute  
Thorny Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy Cases (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute   
U.S. Federal - Bankruptcy Procedure        
Bankruptcy Litigation and Practice:  A Practitioner's Guide (Westlaw)
Thomas J. Salerno and Jordan A. Kroop
Wolters Kluwer
Bankruptcy Procedure Manual (Westlaw)
Lawrence R. Ahern, III and Nancy Fraas MacLean
Thomson Reuters
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
Bankruptcy Litigation (Westlaw)
Howard J. Steinberg
Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy litigation and appeals process
Bankruptcy Litigation Manual (Westlaw) (VitalLaw)
Michael Cook, ed.
Wolters Kluwer
Bankruptcy litigation and appeals process
Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation (Westlaw)
Jonathan P. Friedland et al.
Thomson Reuters
Commercial bankruptcy litigation and appeals process
Bankruptcy Deadline Checklist (Bloomberg)   Norm Pernick The American Bar Association  
ABI's Quick Evidence Handbook (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute  Evidence rules in relation to bankruptcy procedures.
Advanced Fraudulent Transfers: A Litigation Guide (Bloomberg)   Edward S. Weisfelner American Bankruptcy Institute  
Bankruptcy Litigation Manual: What Civil Litigators Need to Know (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute General litigation guide for bankruptcy cases.
Representing the Creditor's Committee: A Guide for Practitioners (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute  
U.S. Federal - Chapter 11 Bankruptcies        
Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice (Westlaw)

Thomas J. Salerno et al., eds.
Wolters Kluwer
Chapter 11 Reorganizations (Westlaw)
W. Homer Drake Jr. and Christopher S. Strickland
Thomson Reuters
Business Workouts Manual (Westlaw)
Matthew W. Kavanaugh and Randye B. Soref
Thomson Reuters
Chapter 11-"101": The Essentials of Chapter 11 Practice (Bloomberg)   Jonathan Friedland et al. American Bankruptcy Institute  
Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures   Pamela Everett Nollkamper James Publishing, Incorporated  
U.S. Federal - Miscellaneous Topics        
Consumer Bankruptcy Manual (Westlaw)
Michael B. Kaplan and Stacey L. Meisel
Thomson Reuters
Consumer bankruptcy law and procedure under Chapters 7, 12, and 13
Strategies for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings (VitalLaw)   Lynn M. LoPucki, Christopher R. Mirick, and Christopher G. Bradley Wolters Kluwer Chapter 7, 11, and 13 law and procedure
Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide (Lexis)   Richard Levin & Henry J. Sommer Matthew Bender & Co. Further accompaniment
Chapter 13 Practice and Procedure (Westlaw)
W. Homer Drake, Jr., Paul W. Bonapfel, and Adam M. Goodman
Thomson Reuters
Chapter 13 bankruptcy law and procedure
Bankruptcy Evidence Manual (Westlaw)
Barry Russell
Thomson Reuters
Application of Federal Rules of Evidence in bankruptcy cases
Bankruptcy Exemption Manual (Westlaw)
William Houston Brown, Lawrence R. Ahern, III, and Nancy Fraas MacLean
Thomson Reuters
Federal and state exemptions in bankruptcy
Collier International Business Insolvency Guide (Lexis)   Richard F. Broude et al.  Matthew Bender & Co. Insolvency systems and laws of over 35 countries and the E.U. and U.S. bankruptcy laws
Cross-Border Insolvency in the United States (Westlaw)
Daniel M. Glosband et al.
American Bankruptcy Institute
Bankruptcy law affecting transnational businesses, particularly under Chapter 15
Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code (Lexis)   Henry J. Sommer, Margaret Dee McGarity & Richard Levin Matthew Bender & Co. Bankruptcy Code with emphasis on provisions directly related to family law
Bankruptcy and Domestic Relations Manual (Westlaw)   William Houston Brown Thomson Reuters  
Bankruptcy and Its Impact on Domestic Relations and Family Law (Westlaw)   Michaela M. White, Marianne B. Culhane, and Nathalie Martin Thomson Reuters Brief treatment of subject
Collier Real Estate Transactions & the Bankruptcy Code (Lexis)   Michael L. Temin et al.  Matthew Bender & Co. Bankruptcy Code with emphasis on provisions directly related to real estate
Ordin on Contesting Confirmation (VitalLaw)   Robert L. Ordin and Sally McDonald Henry CCH Inc Bankruptcy Code with emphasis on contesting the confirmation process
Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice (VitalLaw)   Thomas J. Salerno, Craig D. Hansen, and G. Christopher Meyer CCH Inc Bankruptcy Code with emphasis on Chapter 11
Structuring Commercial Real Estate Workouts (VitalLaw)   W. Wade Berryhill, Joel B. Eisen, and Michael J. Herbert CCH Inc Discusses Bankrupcty in a real estate context, as well as alternatives to bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property Deskbook:  A Guide to IP, the Internet, and Bankruptcy Law (Bloomberg)   Warren E. Agin The American Bar Association Discusses Bankruptcy in an IP law context
A Practical Guide to Bankruptcy Valuation (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute Discusses specific ways to provide different valuations during a Bankruptcy
A Practitioner's Guide to Liquidation and Litigation Trusts (Bloomberg)   David P. Bart et al. American Bankruptcy Institute Discusses different kinds of trusts in bankruptcy procedures
A Practitioner's Guide to Pre-Packaged Bankruptcy: A Primer (Bloomberg)   Paul Basta et al American Banktuptcy Institute Practioner's guide to pre-packaged bankruptcies 
ABI Preference Handbook (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute Guide on preferences
Bankruptcy Fundamentals for the Financial Services Industry (Bloomberg)   itioner' American Bankruptcy Institute Guide on the full bankruptcy procedure from a financial services' industry perspective
Bankruptcy Mediation (Bloomberg)   Leslie A. Berkoff et al American Bankruptcy Institute  
Bankruptcy Overview: Issues, Law and Policy (Bloomberg)   Andrew B. Dawson and Juliet M. Moringiello American Bankruptcy Institute  
Bankruptcy in Practice (Bloomberg)   Michael L. Bernstein and George W. Kuney    
Bankruptcy: A Survival Guide for Lenders (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute  General guide for the benefit for lenders.
Chapter 13 in 13 Chapters (Bloomberg)   William J. McLeod American Bankruptcy Institute  
Consumer Bankruptcy: Fundamentals of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute   
Credit Bidding in Bankruptcy Sales: A Guide for Lenders, Creditors, and Distressed-Debt Investors (Bloomberg)   Paul R. Hage, Brian M. Resnick and Brent Weisenberg American Bankruptcy Institute  
Creditor's Committee Manual (Bloomberg)   Joseph S.U. Bodoff American Bankruptcy Institute  
General Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (Bloomberg)   Geoffrey L. Berman American Bankruptcy Institute  
Graduating with Debt: Student Loans under the Bankruptcy Code (Bloomberg)   Susan E Hauser and Daniel A. Austin  American Bankruptcy Institute  
How Secure Are You?  Secured Creditors in Commerical and Consumer Bankruptcies (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute  
Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for the Commercial Reorganization: A Brief Guide for the CEO, CFO/COO, General Counsel and Tax Advisor (Bloomberg)     American Bankruptcy Institute  
Survival Guide to Bankruptcy for In-House Counsel: The Essentials When Bankruptcy or Related Litigation Threatens Your Company (Bloomberg)   Judy D. Thompson and Glenn C. Thompson American Bankruptcy Institute  
The Zone of (In)solvency: Fiduciary Duties and Standards of Review for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (Bloomberg)   Todd Bartels et al. American Bankruptcy Institute  
Understanding Ordinary: A Primer on Financial and Economic Considerations for the Ordinary Course Defenses to Bankruptcy Preference Actions (Bloomberg)   Neil Steinkamp American Bankruptcy Institute  
Bankruptcy and Restructuring (Westlaw)   Westlaw    
Bankruptcy Committees (Westlaw)   Westlaw    
Getting the Deal Through: Restructuring & Insolvency (Lexis)   Catherine Balmond and Katharina Crinson Law Business Research Ltd. 40 foreign countries, the E.U., and the U.S.
Insolvency Law in Canada: A Primer for Practitioners (Bloomberg)   Frank Spizzirri American Bankruptcy Institute   


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