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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Insurance Law

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Insurance Law (see also: --Business & Nonprofit Entities; --Employment/Labor Law; --Environmental Law; --Health Law; --Real Estate / Property Law; --Securities Regulation)


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher


U.S. - General
Couch on Insurance (Westlaw 1st ed. by George J. Couch; 2nd ed. by Ronald A. Anderson; 3rd- eds. by Lee R. Russ in consultation with Thomas F. Segalla Thomson Reuters U.S. federal and state
New Appleman on Insurance Law (Library Edition) (Lexis) Jeffrey E. Thomas & Francis J. Mootz III Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and some state
New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide (Lexis) Leo Martinez, Marc S. Mayerson, Douglas R. Richmond Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Insurance Claims and Disputes: Representation of Insurance Companies & Insureds (Westlaw) Allan D. Windt Thomson Reuters U.S. federal
Responsibilities of Insurance Agents and Brokers (Lexis) Bertram Harnett, W. Benjamin Fisherow, Andrea L. Harnett, James D. Harnett, Arthur Markowitz Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. states
Excess Liability: Rights and Duties of Commercial Risk, Insured, and Insurers (Westlaw) Robert Persons and Ken Brownlee West

U.S. - Litigation

Insurance Litigation Reporter (Westlaw) John K. DiMugno Litigation Research Group  U.S. federal and state
Law & Practice of Insurance Coverage Litigation (Westlaw) David L. Leitner, Reagan W. Simpson and John M. Bjorkman Thomson Reuters
Insurance Coverage Disputes (Lexis) John H. Mathias, John D. Shugrue, and Thomas A. Marrinson Law Journal Press Litigation of coverage disputes
New Appleman Insurance Bad Faith Litigation (Lexis) William T. Barker, Ronald D. Kent Matthew Bender & Co. Tort liability of insurers for wrongful conduct
U.S. - Specific Types of Insurance
New Appleman Law of Liability Insurance (Lexis) Rowland H. Long Matthew Bender & Co.
Life & Health Insurance Law (Westlaw) Franklin L. Best Thomson Reuters U.S. federal and state
Law of Life and Health Insurance (Lexis) Bertram Harnett and Irving I. Lesnick Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Insurance Coverage for Environmental Claims (Lexis) Mitchell L. Lathrop Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Insuring Real Property (Lexis) Stephen A. Cozen Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Insurance and Risk Management for State & Local Governments (Lexis) Thomas W. Rynard Matthew Bender & Co. State and local
Business Insurance Law and Practice Guide (Lexis)

Elizabeth K. Ainslie, Arthur N. Brook, Stuart Cotton, Robert L. Crewdson, Michael D. Glatt, Gordon Granger, John W. Hinchey, Peter D. Hutcheon, Linda H. Lamel, Andrew Maneval, M. Karen Thompson & Eugene Wollan

Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Directors and Officers Liability: Prevention, Insurance, and Indemnification (Lexis) Jonathan F. Allen et al. Law Journal Press Comprehensive coverage of indemnification agreements and liability insurance policies
Construction Insurance: Coverages and Disputes (Lexis Owen J. Shean Matthew Bender & Co. Emphasis on the diversity among jurisdictions in the treatment of insurance contracts
Cyber Risks, Social Media and Insurance: A Guide to Risk Assessment and Management (Lexis) Carrie E. Cope, Dirk E. Ehlers & Keith W. Mandell Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. state and federal
Insurance and Risk Management for State & Local Governments (Lexis) Thomas W. Rynard Matthew Bender & Co. State and local
Mutual Fund Litigation and Insurance Practice Guide (Lexis) Matthew Larrabee, Timothy Burns, David Kotler & Eric Barber Matthew Bender & Co. State and federal
New Appleman Sports and Entertainment Insurance Law & Practice Guide (Lexis) Kirk A. Pasich, Cassandra S. Franklin, Sandra Smith Thayer, Shaun H. Crosner, Julia K. Holt, Andrew N. Bourne Matthew Bender & Co. All types of insurance that are available for individual and entity participants in the sports and entertainment industries
No Fault and Uninsured Motorist Automobile Insurance (Lexis) Matthew Bender & Co. No-fault, uninsured motorist, and underinsured motorist insurance claims
Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance (Lexis) Alan I. Widiss and Jeffrey E. Thomas Matthew Bender & Co. Provides a detailed examination of both the nature and scope of coverage and claims procedures in every state
Transportation Safety and Insurance Law (Lexis) William E. Kenworthy Matthew Bender & Co. Federal regulatory and  common law 
Catastrophe Claims: Insurance Coverage for Natural and Man-Made Disasters (Westlaw) John DiMugno and Steven Plitt and Dennis Wall Thomson/West
California Insurance Law Handbook (Westlaw) John K. DiMugno and Paul E.B. Glad and the publisher's editorial staff Thomson Reuters Focus on California insurance law cases with some U.S. Supreme Court cases
New Appleman California Insurance Law (Matthew Bender Practice Guide) (Lexis) Neil Selman et al. Matthew Bender & Co.
California Insurance Law & Practice (Lexis) Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, Kristina Alexander Matthew Bender & Co. California statutes, case law, and regulations
California Insurance Law (Lexis) GailAnn Y. Stargardter, Andrew J. King, Erin M. Gallagher & Rand L. Chritton Law Journal Press Typical provisions, issues raised by those provisions, treatment of those provisions by California courts (commercial and personal)
Insurance Litigation (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw)

H. Walter Croskey, Heeseman, Rex

The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters

Some federal coverage

California Uninsured Motorist Law (Lexis) Robert C. Clifford, Paul A. Eisler Matthew Bender & Co.
International Insurance Law and Regulation (Westlaw) Center for International Legal Studies Thomson Reuters Covers 54 jurisdictions, including the United States
Getting the Deal Through: Insurance & Reinsurance (Lexis) Marion Leydier, William D. Torchiana and Mark F. Rosenberg Law Business Research Ltd. 15 foreign countries, EU, and the U.S.
Getting the Deal Through: Insurance Litigation (Lexis) Bryce L. Friedman, Karen Cestari and Mary Beth Forshaw Law Business Research Ltd. U.S. and 13 foreign countries.


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