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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Civil Procedure/Litigation (California)

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Civil Procedure/Litigation (California)


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher



Procedure (California Civil Practice) (Westlaw)

James R. Lambden, Eileen C. Moore, and Michael Paul Thomas

Thomson Reuters

Witkin California Procedure (Westlaw) Bernard E. Witkin Thomson Reuters
California Causes of Action (Lexis) (also Law Library Closed Reserve KFC1003.C252)

Kevin Lancaster and Stanton T. Mathews

James Publishing
Pre-Trial Procedure

Civil Procedure Before Trial (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw)
Lee Smalley Edmon and Curtis E.A. Karnow The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters
California Pretrial Civil Procedure Practice Guide: The Wagstaffe Group (Lexis) Peter D. Lichtman Matthew Bender & Co.
Civil Procedure Before Trial, Statutes of Limitations (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw) William F. Rylaarsdam and Paul Turner The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters
California Summary Judgment & Related Termination Motions (The Rutter Group, Civil Litigation Series) (Westlaw) David N. Finley and Lisa McGuire The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters

Dunne on Depositions in California (Westlaw)
Kevin J. Dunne Thomson Reuters
California Deposition and Discovery Practice (Lexis) J.N. DeMeo and John F. DeMeo Matthew Bender & Co. Discovery in civil trial cases
California Civil Discovery (Lexis) Hogan & Weber Matthew Bender & Co.
Trial Procedure

Civil Trials & Evidence (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw) William E. Wegner, Robert H. Fairbank, and Norman L. Epstein

The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters

California Trial Guide (Lexis) Earl Johnson Matthew Bender & Co. Substantive and procedural guidance for civil practitioners 
California Trial Handbook (Lexis) Richard P. Byrne, Jonathan M. Purver, Douglas R. Young, James J. Davis III Matthew Bender & Co.
California Trial and Post-Trial Civil Procedure (Lexis) Patrick A. Cathcart, Daralyn J. Durie, Otis McGee Jr., and Ronald S. Prager Matthew Bender & Co.
California Motions in Limine (The Rutter Group, Civil Litigation Series) (Westlaw) David N. Finley, ed. The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters
California Objections (Lexis) Gregory H. Ward and Audra Ibarra James Publishing
Appellate Procedure
Civil Appeals & Writs (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw) Jon B. Eisenberg, Ellis J. Horvitz, and Howard B. Wiener The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters
California Civil Appeals and Writs (Lexis) Kira L. Klatchko, Benjamin G. Shatz Matthew Bender & Co.
Younger on California Motions (Westlaw) Eric E. Younger, Donald E. Bradley Thomson/West
Cohelan on California Class Actions (Westlaw) Timothy D. Cohelan Thomson Reuters
California Class Actions and Coordinated Proceedings (Lexis) Elizabeth J. Cabraser Matthew Bender & Co. Requirements, tactics and forms for use in class action litigation in California state courts
California Civil Courtroom Handbook (Westlaw) Michael Paul Thomas Thomson/West  
California Affirmative Defenses (Westlaw) Ann Taylor Schwing Thomson/West  
California Elements of an Action (Westlaw) Michael Stein Thomson West  
California Law and Motion Authorities (Westlaw) Douglas Parker Thomson Reuters  
California Civil Jury Instruction Companion Handbook (Westlaw) Mary Thornton House Thomson/West  
California Procurement Handbook (Westlaw) Michael Rizzo and Brian Cruz West  
California Subpoena Handbook (Westlaw) John Sink West  


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