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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Alternative Dispute Resolution (see also --Employment/Labor Law; --Securities Regulation)


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher


U.S. Federal and State
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Westlaw)
Jay E. Grenig
Thomson Reuters
Some international law 
Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Guide (Westlaw)
Bette J. Roth, Randall W. Wulff, and Charles A. Cooper, eds.
Thomson Reuters
Some international law 
Domke on Commercial Arbitration (Westlaw)
Martin Domke, Gabriel Wilner, and Larry E. Edmonson
Thomson Reuters
Some international law 
Mediation: Law, Policy & Practice (Westlaw)
Sarah R. Cole et al.
Thomson Reuters
Some international law 
Attorney's Practice Guide to Negotiations (Westlaw)
Ted A. Donner
Thomson Reuters
U.S. federal and state law only
Corporate Counsel's Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques (Westlaw)
Publisher's Editorial Board
Thomson Reuters
Some international law 
International / Foreign
International Commercial Arbitration (Westlaw)
Jay E. Grenig
Thomson Reuters
Some relevant U.S. federal & state law
International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives (Lexis)

Horacio A. Grigera Naón and Paul E. Mason

Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. and international
Getting the Deal Through: Dispute Resolution (Lexis) Alanna Andrew and Martin Davies Law Business Research Ltd. 42 foreign countries, the U.S., and California
Tactics in M&A Arbitration (Westlaw) Karl J. T. Wach and Frank Meches Thomson Reuters (German Law Publishers)
Comparative Law of International Arbitration (Westlaw) Thomson Reuters (Sweet & Maxwell)
Russell on Arbitration (Westlaw) David St John Sutton, Judith Gill, and Matthew Gearing Thomson Reuters (Sweet & Maxwell) U.K. and international
California Practice Guide: Alternative Dispute Resolution (Westlaw)
Judge H. Warren Knight (Ret.), Richard Chernick, Catherine L. Flynn, and Martin Quinn
Thomson Reuters (The Rutter Group)
Some federal law


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