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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Real Estate / Property Law

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Real Estate / Property Law (see also --Civil Rights Law; --Consumer Protection Law; --Environmental Law; --Insurance Law; --Land Use Planning and Zoning; --Tax Law)


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher


U.S. - General
Powell on Real Property (Lexis) Michael Allan Wolf Matthew Bender & Co. Primarily state coverage with some federal.
Thompson on Real Property (Lexis) David A. Thomas et al. Matthew Bender & Co. Mostly U.S. federal and state with some foreign property law (25 foreign countries and the EU)
Federal Regulation of Real Estate & Mortgage Lending (Westlaw) Paul Barron, Dan Rosin, and Michael A. Berenson Thomson Reuters Some state coverage

U.S. - Real Estate Financing

Law of Real Estate Financing (Westlaw) Michael T. Madison, Jeffry R. Dwyer, and Steven W. Bender Thomson Reuters Some state coverage
Real Estate Finance Law (Westlaw Grant S. Nelson, Dale A. Whitman, Ann M. Burkhart, and R. Wilson Freyermuth Thomson Reuters
Real Estate Financing (Lexis) Brook Boyd Law Journal Press
Real Estate Financing - Text, Forms, Tax Analysis (Lexis) Patrick J. Rohan et al. Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal, state, and local
Residential Mortgage Lending: State Regulation Manual - West (Westlaw)  Andrea Lee Negroni ... [et al.] Thomson Reuters State focus, some federal coverage. Covers Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming
U.S. - Leases
Commercial Real Estate Leasing (Westlaw)

Stuart Saft


Focus on American common-law concepts of easements and licenses. Excludes Louisiana Civil Code

Real Estate Leasing Practice Manual (Westlaw)

Alvin L. Arnold, Jeanne O'Neil Thomson Reuters
Federal Government Real Estate Leasing (Lexis)

Robert C. Mackichan, Jr. and Gordon Griffin.

Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal
U.S. - Other Specific Topics
Purchase and Sale of Real Property (Lexis) Karl B. Holtzschue Matthew Bender & Co. Procedural guidance, checklists and forms from all 50 states
Real Estate Investment Trusts (Westlaw)
Theodore S. Lynn, Micah Bloomfield, and David Lowden Thomson Reuters U.S. federal and state
Real Estate Brokerage Law & Practice (Lexis) Patrick J. Rohan et al. Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Law of Easements & Licenses in Land (Westlaw) James W. Ely Jr. and Jon W. Bruce Thomson Reuters
A Practical Guide to Disputes Between Adjoining Landowners - Easements (Lexis) James H. Backman and David A. Thomas Matthew Bender & Co.
Law of Distressed Real Estate (Westlaw) Baxter Dunaway Thomson Reuters Some state coverage
Nichols on Eminent Domain (Lexis) Julius L. Sackman Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Regulatory Takings (Lexis) Steven J. Eagle Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
Government Takings (Westlaw) John Martinez Thomson Reuters U.S. federal and state
The RESPA Manual: A Complete Guide to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Lexis) James H. Pannabecker and David McF. Stemler A.S. Pratt All RESPA compliance issues
Law of Condominium Operations (Westlaw) Gary Poliakoff Thomson Reuters U.S. federal and state
HDR Handbook of Housing & Development Law  (Westlaw) Barry G. Jacobs Thomson Reuters U.S. federal
Construction Law (Lexis) Steven G. M. Stein Matthew Bender & Co. Includes a variety of state by state summaries of construction industry statutes and claims
Law of Premises Liability (Lexis) Glen Weissenberger, Barbara B. McFarland, and Joseph A. Page Matthew Bender & Co. Mostly U.S. state with some federal
Premises Liability Law and Practice (Lexis) Norman J. Landau and Edward C. Martin Matthew Bender & Co. National coverage of the law of premises liability (substantive and practical issues).
Collier Real Estate Transactions & the Bankruptcy Code (Lexis) Laurence D. Cherkis and Steven M. Abramowitz Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal
REITs: Mergers and Acquisitions (Lexis) David M. Einhorn et al. Law Journal Press
Clark on Surveying and Boundaries (Lexis) Charles A. Nettleman III and Walter G. Robillard Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal and state
California Real Estate Law and Practice (Lexis) Eve Arnold et al. Matthew Bender & Co.
Landlord-Tenant (The Rutter Group, California Practice Guide) (Westlaw) Terry B. Friedman, David A. Garcia, Mark Hagarty The Rutter Group, a division of Thomson Reuters
Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Landlord-Tenant Litigation (Lexis) Andrew E. Westley and Michael J. Saltz Matthew Bender & Co. Covers unlawful detainer, suits for damages, service of eviction/termination notices, grounds for termination, subleasing and assignments, and rent controls
California Common Interest Developments: Law & Practice (Westlaw) John Paul Hanna and David M. Van Atta West Group Focus on development and sale of land for residential purposes in California
California Mechanic's Lien Law and Construction Industry Practice (Lexis)

Matthew E. Marsh and Harry M. Marsh

Matthew Bender & Co. Focus on the basic law and procedure relating to works of improvement, from the mechanics' lien standpoint.
Foreign Law
Getting the Deal Through: Real Estate (Lexis) Patrick Williams and Devina Rana Law Business Research, Ltd. 19 foreign countries
Getting the Deal Through: Real Estate M&A (Lexis) Neil Whoriskey, Jason R Factor and Joseph Lanzkron Law Business Research, Ltd. 6 foreign countries and the U.S.
Getting the Deal Through: Construction (Lexis) Robert S Peckar and Michael S Zicherman Law Business Research, Ltd. 21 foreign countries and the U.S.


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