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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Disabilities Law

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Disabilities Law (see also: --Civil Rights Law; --Constitutional Law; --Employment/Labor Law; --Health Care Law; --Social Security Law)


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher



The Americans with Disabilities Act (Westlaw) Margaret C. Jasper Thomson Reuters Federal
Disabilities and the Law (Westlaw)
Laura F. Rothstein and Julia Irzyk
Thomson Reuters
Federal primarily (some state coverage)
Americans with Disabilities:  Practice and Compliance Manual (Westlaw)
Publisher's Editorial Staff
Thomson Reuters
ADA Compliance Guide (Westlaw) Joan Farrell, JD, Senior Legal Editor Thomson Reuters Federal
Disability Discrimination in Employment (Westlaw) John J. Coleman, III Thomson Reuters Federal and state
Disability Discrimination in the Workplace (Westlaw) Gary Phelan, Janet Bond Arterton, et al. Thomson Reuters

Federal and state

Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations (Lexis) Jonathan R. Mook Matthew Bender & Co. ADA legal requirements that affect employment policies and procedures
Disability Law Compliance Manual (Westlaw) Gary S. Marx Thomson Reuters Federal
Public Accommodations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (Westlaw) Anne Marie Estevez et al. Thomson Reuters Federal
Americans with Disabilities Act: Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Lexis) Jonathan R. Mook Matthew Bender & Co. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Mental Disability Law: A Primer (Westlaw) John Parry Thomson Reuters Focus on ADA
Social Security Disability Law & Procedure in Federal Court (Westlaw) Carolyn A. Kubitschek and Jon C. Dubin Thomson Reuters U.S. federal