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Guide to Online Secondary Sources: Intellectual Property Law

Guide to Secondary Legal Resources on Lexis and Westlaw

Intellectual Property Law (see also: --Computer/Internet Law; --Copyright Law; --Patent Law; --Tax Law; --Trademark and Unfair Competition Law)


Title Author(s) or Editor(s) Publisher


Intellectual Property Law: Commercial, Creative, and Industrial Property (Lexis) Jay Dratler, Jr. Law Journal Press U.S. and some Asian and European law
Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims & Remedies (Westlaw) Patrick J. Flinn Wolters Kluwer
Intellectual Property Law: Damages & Remedies (Lexis) Terence P. Ross Law Journal Press U.S. federal and state
Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation (Lexis)

Lester Horwitz and Ethan Horwitz

Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. and some international law
Corporate Counsel Solutions: IP Mgm't: Strategies & Tactics (Lexis) Lackenbach Siegel Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal
Intellectual Property Culture and Compliance: Strategy and Compliance (Lexis) Eric M. Dobrusin & Ronald A. Kransow  LexisNexis Covers the America Invents Act and includes practical forms and checklists
IP Strategy, Valuation, and Damages (Lexis) Stevan Porter et al. LexisNexis
IP and Technology in Government Contracts (Lexis) James G. McEwen et al. LexisNexis U.S. federal and state
Milgrim on Licensing (Lexis) Roger M. Milgrim and Eric E. Bensen Matthew Bender & Co. U.S. federal
Licensing of Intellectual Property (Lexis) Jay Dratler, Jr. Law Journal Press U.S., Europe, and Japan
Eckstrom's Licensing in Foreign & Domestic Operations (Westlaw) David M. Epstein Thomson Reuters
Eckstrom's Licensing in Foreign & Domestic Operations: The Forms & Substance of Licensing (Westlaw) Robert Goldscheider and Melvin F. Jager Thomson Reuters
Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property Deskbook: A Guide to IP, the Internet, and Bankruptcy Law (Bloomberg) Warren E. Agin American Bar Association  
California Intellectual Property Laws (Lexis)

Thomas J. Peistrup and Laura M. King

Matthew Bender & Co.

Includes some federal law

Canadian Intellectual Property Law and Strategy (Lexis) John S. McKeown LexisNexis
Intellectual Property Protection in Asia (Lexis) Catherine Sun Matthew Bender & Co. 8 Asian countries
China Intellectual Property and Case Commentaries (Lexis) Catherine Sun Matthew Bender & Co.
Global IP Law Service Quick Charts (Lexis) Equerion Information Services Corporation 24 international regions
Gray Markets: Prevention, Detection and Litigation (Lexis) David R. Sugden LexisNexis
Intellectual Property Precedent Agreements (Westlaw)   Westlaw Executed intellectual property agreements with language, clauses, and provisions drafted by leading law firms and in-house counsel. Agreements are sourced from EDGAR filings. 
Calculating Intellectual Property Damages William Kerr and Gregory Smith Westlaw  


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